Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. 1. What is Dialer Tones service?

It is a Value Added Service through which you can entertain your callers with your favourite Dialer Tone instead of the regular tring tring. You can choose from Bollywood Songs, International hits, Devotional Content, Instrumental clips , Humor, Status Tones and more. And if that's not enough, you can also set your Name as your Dialer Tone!


  1. 2. How much will I be charged for this service?

Any new user will be charged Rs 39 for the service which will include the first selection at no additional charge (it is available at Rs 42 in MP and CG). Validity would be 28 Days for Prepaid and 30 Days for Postpaid susbcribers. Subsequent selection change will be charged at an event charge of Rs 15 per Tone change (no rental will be charged for this selection).These charges are applicable for both Post-paid & Prepaid users


  1. 3. How do I activate Dialer Tones on my mobile?

You can activate a Dialer Tones on your mobile by accessing any of the following modes

     Dialer Tones Portal 53789

Call 53789 (Toll free ) and select a Dialer Tone from the available options.


If you happen to listen to a Dialer Tone while calling someone and are keen on setting it up as your own Dialer Tone, just press *9 before the call is picked up to copy and set it as your Dialer Tone


Dial *696# (toll free) to activate a tone of your choice


  1.      Online Portal

Visit Idea corporate website ( and select the section for Dialer Tones and select content of your choice.For complete compatibility, web browser must have Popup-blocker disabled, Java script enabled & Latest flash player updated.


  1.      WAP Portal

Visit to select a Dialer Tone through your smartphone


  1.      Customer Care

Contact our customer service team by dialling 12345 or visiting our Service Centres for activation of the service. A second consent will be sought from you via SMS from 54300XXX and on sending a confirmation SMS, the service will be activated on your Idea Mobile.

  1.      Directly searching and setting your favourite Tone

I. SMS - SMS the name of the song/film/album to 567890 (Toll Free) and you will get a list of relevant Dialer Tones on SMS. Select the Dialer Tone of your choice by following the instructions listed in the response message


II. CALL - Call 537890 (Toll Free) and say the name of the song or movie. The matching options will be played and you can select the tone of your choice by selecting the appropriate option


4. What are Dialer Status Tones?

Dialer Status Tones is a type of Dialer Tones service that allows users to inform their callers about their status at any point of time, similar to how you update your status on Social Media! Dialer Status Tones can be set when users are either unable to accept calls or when they wish to greet their callers differently (not with musical content such as songs etc). Dialer Status Tone can be set for a certain duration specified by the subscriber. There are three categories of Dialer Status Tones to choose from – Busy Tones , Fun Tones & Mood Tones . Here are few examples:

Dialer Status Tone



Looking for the phone

The person you are calling has been looking for their phone! Please be on hold, you might prove to be lucky for them!

Fun tone


The person you are calling is exhausted right now. Please call back later!

Mood tone


Are you feeling fresh? Well, the person you have called certainly is! Please stay on the line!

Mood tone


This is the happiest day in this person's life! Ask them why once they pick up your call!

Mood tone


The person you are calling is at the Airport right now. Please call back later!

Busy tone

In a Conference Call

The person you are calling is in a conference call right now. Please call back later!

Busy tone


This service is available at just Rs 39 ( And Rs 42 in MP & CG Circle). Validity would be 28 Days for Prepaid and 30 Days for Postpaid susbcribers. Once activated with the service, customers can change their status as many times as they wish. without any additional charge. To activate Dialer Status Tones, call 537899 (tollfree)


Customers activated with regular Dialer Tones service can also set their status for a specific period by sending a tollfree SMS with the keyword ‘ Profile’ to 53789 or dialing tollfree *696*696# or by setting it online through our web( or wap portal ( They will be charged just Rs2/change for any status tone except International Roaming and Rs 10/change for International roaming status. Using Status Tones, DT users can update their callers when they are travelling, unwell, in a meeting, enjoying a movie or on a holiday, without having to answer the phone


  1. 5. What are Name Tones?

Name Tones service is simply a Dialer Tones service where the selection clip announces your name to your callers. You can set Name Tones by calling 5378999 (toll-free ). You can also SMS your name to 5378999 (toll free ) to search or record your Name

  1. 6. What are Celeb Name Tones?

Celeb Name Tones is a type on Name Tone service where a celeb announces your name to your callers. Currently, we have Celeb Name Tones in the voice of Super Stars - Mohan Lal and Salman Khan. The service is available on SMS and Voice (at 56789215 for Mohan Lal and 56789001 for Salman Khan). It is also available on Web and Wap.

SMS - SMS ‘your name’ to toll free short code 56789001 (for Salman Khan)/ 56789215 (for Mohan Lal)

You will get a response with results matching your name and instructions on how to set the Name Tone. If your name is not in the search result, you can get your Name Tone recorded by following the steps mentioned in the SMS.e.g., If you send Hema to 56789001, you will receive the following response


1. Hema (Hindi)
2. Hema  (English)
3. Hema Kumar (Hindi)


To set Salman Khan Name Tones reply with 1,2 etc.For more Name Tones reply with MORE.If you did not find the desired name, then SMS to 56789001 where LAN is the first 3 letters of language.Ex: Send to 56789001 for English NameTones of Amit. Chrgs-Rs15/90days for Dialer Tone and Rental of Rs30/month


Call - Call toll free short code 53789001 (for Salman Khan)/ 53789215 (for Mohan Lal)

     You will be asked to choose the language of Nametones (Eng/Hin)

     Confirm your preference

     You will be asked to speak your name out , after a beep

     If your name tone is available in our name tone database, it will be played

     If your name tone is not available in the database, you will be provided with the option of getting it recorded in Salman Khan’s       voice

     If you choose the above option, you will receive an SMS detailing out the steps for getting the name tone created

      Web/ WAP - You can also set these tones by searching for your Name Tone in: (through your mobile) (through your laptop/desktop)


TAT for new Name tone creation is 7 days. Once your name tone is created, you will get an SMS with the Direct Access Code (DAC) of the name tone. You need to call the above tollfree DAC to set your name tone after giving your confirmation as requested on the IVR


  1. 7. What is M!DT?

M!DT (pronounced as My DT) allows users to upload, share, like and access user generated content (UGC) on an IVR (voice) platform. It allows recording of voice content which can be set as a Dialer Tone. Customers can also share recorded clips or like the published content.


  User dials service short code 550505 and is offered 2 options

  Record DT

  Record any other Non-Music stuff

  The max recording length can be of 2 minutes (30 Sec in case of DT)

  A 14 digit DAC code gets generated once the content is successfully moderated and it is communicated to the user through an     SMS

  Separate playlist MM will also be generated for the individual user


Browsing on the short code is chargeable at Rs 3/Min and regular Dialer Tones charges are applicable for users who set the recorded clip as Dialer Tones.


  1. 8. Are there any handset compatibility issues for this service?

No, there are no handset compatibility issues. Dialer Tones service works on any handset model & make. And anyone calling you from a landline or mobile phone will be able to listen to the service as long as you have subscribed to the service and they have not subscribed to My Tones service. Customers with My Tones service will not be listen to your Dialer Tone as they will get to listen to the content that they have subscribed to listen to while their call to others is getting connected.


  1. 9. Do I get this service while roaming?

Yes, but it depends on the visiting network, as well

  1. 10. Do I get this service while I'm on international roaming?

Yes, but it depends on the network in the place you're visiting

  1. 11. What happens in case of call waiting, can the caller hear my Dialer tone?

No, the call waiting prompt plays when the call is in waiting.


  1. 12. How do I deactivate this service?

For deactivation of Dialer Tones, you can SMS Stop to 155223 or call 155223.


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