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Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully before subscribing for Dialer Tones service. By using Dialer Tones service, you agree to be bound by these terms of service along with the other terms and conditions that may apply. Each time you use the service, you are responsible for being familiar with any changes or modifications to these terms of service, which may occur from time to time. These terms of service may be updated from time to time without giving any prior intimation to you.



The following terms shall have the meanings defined below:

“Subscriber” shall mean the rightful user of Vodafone Idea Limited connection, pre-paid or post-paid, in whose name the mobile phone connection number (MSISDN) is registered with Idea, or (ii) the employee, who is the user of the phone, if the phone is registered in the name of a company, provided that company issues a letter stating that the specific phone number has been allotted to the employee.

“Service” shall mean Dialer Tones service provided by Idea.


Description of the Service

a. The Service allows Subscribers to select any content clip that shall be played as dialer tone to a caller instead of the regular ringing sound. The selected clip shall be played to and heard by the subscriber’s callers (both Idea Subscribers and callers on other networks) from the time a connection is made to subscriber’s line until subscriber picks up or disconnects the call.

b. If a Subscriber has subscribed for both, “Dialer Tone Service” and “My Tone(s) service” then the Subscriber shall not be able to listen to the Dialer Tone Service activated by another Idea Subscriber while making call to the latter.

c. Idea shall, from time to time, update the catalog of the clips existing on its website. However, the website may not necessarily contain all the content available in the catalog.

d. Every caller shall also (may not be always) get to hear a pre-call announcement communicating various aspects of the Service including (but not limited to) copying the content clip etc.

The following terms and conditions apply to the Service and by utilizing the Service, a subscriber shall be deemed to have read, understood and accepted the same.


1. Validity Period

a. Subscriber shall be charged Rs 39 of the Service which will include the first Tone selection (it will be available at Rs 42 in MP and CG).

b. The tone shall be available to the Subscriber without any rental charges and till the time deactivation request has been received by Idea from the Subscriber

c. However, the Subscriber shall be charged Rs. 15/- (Rupees Fifteen Only) every time he/she changes the Tone

d. The Dialer Tones service subscription shall be valid for 28 days for prepaid subscribers and 30 days for postpaid subscribers from the date of subscription

e. The service subscription will be renewed at the specified rental till a deactivation request has been received by Idea from the subscriber

f. A notification shall be sent to the subscribers before the renewal date. Subscribers can choose to discontinue through various channels (SMS/IVR/USSD/Call Centre etc.)

g. In the absence of a deactivation request, the Service (subscription) shall be automatically renewed on the validity-end date

h. The content clip (Dialer Tone) shall be valid till such time as it is changed or the content expires due to unavailability of content/any exigencies


2. Suspension

a. Idea shall reserve the right to suspend a Subscriber from the Service at any time without giving any notice or intimation to the Subscriber.

b. Subscriber shall be suspended for not having enough balance or for being blacklisted.

c. Only those subscribers who recharge before the subscription end date will be activated again; the rest shall be suspended

d. Blacklisted Subscribers shall not be activated until subscriber’s name is removed from the Blacklist.

e. During suspension period, Idea jingle shall be played as dialer tone.

f. Idea may deactivate/suspend a content clip after due notification to the end-user if it finds it prudent to do so.


3. DND

a. By subscribing to the Service, the Subscriber confirms and waives off the applicability of rules and regulations of the National Do Not Call Registry and agrees to receive service related messages from Idea.

b. This implies, DND Subscribers shall receive service notifications such as bill reminders and Service related messages such as Service upgrade and offers

c. DND Subscribers shall be contacted if they respond to any Service related messages


4. Activation

a. Subscribers can call toll-free short code 53789 and follow the specified steps to subscribe.

b. Subscribers can call toll-free USSD String *696 and follow the specified steps to subscribe

c. Subscribers can search and set their favourite tone by calling or sending a search string through SMS to 537890 (toll-free)


5. Content Expiry

a. Dialer tone content can go for expiry at any point of time

b. Subscribers shall be notified through SMS about the content expiry and requested to change their selection. Subscribers shall not be able to use the content after the content’s expiry date.

c. Idea can replace the expired content with a generic tone (free of cost) if the subscribers do not change the expired content

d. New Subscriber acquisition shall not be allowed for expired content.

5. These Terms and Conditions and any disputes thereof are subject to Indian law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Mumbai only.



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